Neighborhood Standards

UPDATED: June 2020

Over the past year, the PWA Preservation Committee has been working on rewriting the Neighborhood Standards to make them more relevant to the needs of the neighborhood and to all of its homeowners and residents.  On June 9, 2020, the PWA Board of Directors approved the new standards, “Palmer Woods Neighborhood Standards 2020.”

Please take a few moments to review these standards in the below document.  In general, these standards are supported by City of Detroit Property Maintenance Code, or are otherwise consistent with City ordinances.  While not exhaustive, they are meant to serve as a core list standards and practices to help keep our neighborhood looking its best.

The PWA Preservation Committee is here to help everyone. We seek to work with all Palmer Woods residents to ensure that our neighborhood remains one of the jewels of our City by preserving the natural beauty of our neighborhood, promoting a sense of harmony between neighbors, and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance overall. If you have questions about how we may be of assistance or issues that you want addressed, or if you need help meeting these standards, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected].

The list below will also serve as your reporting tool. If you see a violation of one of the Palmer Woods Association Homeowner Standards, simply check the box next to the standard that has been violated, add any additional information or comments at the bottom of the form, note the address of the violation and mail to the address below. Or you can scan the form and e-mail it or just type up the information and send it to: [email protected].

The reporting process is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. After reporting, the Preservation Committee will handle the matter. Thanks in advance for helping to maintain the beauty, character, and quality of life in Palmer Woods.

Warm regards,

Your Palmer Woods Association Board



Attn: Preservation Committee
Palmer Woods Association
P.O. Box 21086, Detroit, MI 48221
[email protected]