Palmer Woods Events

Join us for one of our upcoming events in Palmer Woods! Our Association sponsors numerous events throughout the year, many of which are open to the public. If you are interested in historic homes, stunning gardens, or world-class musical performances, there is much to offer in our Home and Garden Tour and Music In Homes series!

Palmer Woods Home & Garden Tours

The Palmer Woods Association sponsors two spectacular Tour events: the Biennial Home & Garden Tour, presented during the long and luxurious days of summer, as well as the Holiday Home Tour, offered during warm glow of the holiday season. One of Metro Detroit’s premiere events, our Tours offer an unparalleled opportunity to view some of our more stunning homes and gardens. 

Music In Homes Concert Series

Join us for our annual Music In Homes concert series, featuring world-class, Detroit-rooted musical artists and performances in a wide range of musical styles, held at some of our neighborhood’s most beautiful homes. Now in its twelfth season, Music In Homes is one of our neighborhood’s most popular and beloved events. 

Neighborhood Events

Throughout the year, our neighborhood hosts a range of events that bring together the many neighbors, friends, and families that make up the fabric of our community. The following events, planned by and for Palmer Woods residents, are some of the many programs that promote the harmony, diversity and warmth of our neighborhood.

Palmer Woods Opera Club

The PW Opera Club brings operatic performances to our neighborhood while showcasing upcoming Michigan Opera Theatre productions and local operatic artists. These performances allow guests to learn the history and stories behind the operas, and are a great way for opera enthusiasts old and new to enjoy this timeless art form. 

Children’s and Family Events

Our Children and Families Committee plans and coordinates various family and children’s events throughout the neighborhood. From Palmer Woods Picnics and Driveway Chalk Art Exhibitions, to socially-distanced Graduation Caravans, our neighborhood hosts a range of events that bring together families of all kinds and sizes. 

Friday Twos

Friday Twos is a monthy gathering of Palmer Woods neighbors, held at a rotating slate of homes throughout the neighborhood on the second Friday of every month. An excellent chance to get to know your neighbors in a casual setting, Friday Twos has become one of the neighborhoods most beloved and anticipated events.

Events Calendar