Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a visitor, a prospective or new resident, or have lived in Palmer Woods your entire life, you might have questions about our neighborhood or the Association. Read below for frequently asked questions or, if your question is not listed below, email for more information.

Homeowner’s Association:

Does Palmer Woods have a homeowner’s association?

Yes, all Palmer Woods homeowners are members of the Palmer Woods Association (PWA).  PWA is the organization which supports our residents in many vital ways that enhance the quality and preservation of the neighborhood. Learn more about the mission and goals of the PWA here. 

Is there a cost to join the Palmer Woods Association?

The annual cost of the Association membership is $495.  The PWA membership fee is collected through a Special Assessment District (SAD) property tax assessment.

What does my PWA membership dues go towards?

Your membership dues pay for snow removal, private security, mosquito abatement, and landscaping in the public areas of the neighborhood.  Additionally, through neighborhood fundraising initiatives that include the Home and Garden Tour and Music in the Homes, the Association publishes a quarterly newsletter with neighborhood updates (The Palmer Woods Post), regularly emails out through an eNews communication, and sponsors neighborhood social events for residents to get to know each other better. 

How can I get on the eNews distribution?

The PWA eNews is a regular email distribution for Palmer Woods residents. Residents can visit this page to signup for the eNews.

Are there regular homeowner's association meetings? If so, when?

The Palmer Woods Association Annual Meeting is held every year in mid-Spring, and is open to all residents of Palmer Woods. Please check the eNews, or look for a flyer dropped off at your mailbox in early spring for more information.

How do I join a Committee?

Committee membership is open to all residents of Palmer Woods. You can view the list of all Committees here. Please contact the chairperson for the committee you are interested in joining.  You may also fill out the online Volunteer Form. Volunteers are needed on all Committees, so please consider joining today!

I am new to the neighborhood. How do I get involved?

Welcome! First thing you should do to get involved is to fill out the New Resident Survey to let know you are here. You will then be contacted by our Welcoming Committee, who will reach out to you with more information and resources. 

Historic Preservation:

If I want to make improvements to the interior and/or exterior of my home, do I need approval from the City’s Historic Commission?

No, Palmer Woods is not designated as a historic district in the city of Detroit and you are not required to get approval through the City’s Historic Commission.  However, depending on the scope of your project you may need to receive a permit(s) from Building, Safety, Engineering, and Environmental Department (BSEED).

I need recommendations on a contractor for work at my home. Is there a list of approved vendors?

Check out our List of Recommended Contractors as a starting point.

Waste Collection:

When is garbage picked up?

Garbage is collected every Thursday (unless there is a holiday).  You can sign up for text reminders for garbage collection by texting your address to 313-800-7905. You can also learn more about our trash, recycling, and bulk pickup here. 


Who should I contact if my garbage wasn’t collected or I have other questions?

Contact Waste Management directly by phone at (844) 233-8764.

Does the City offer recycling pick up?

Yes, recycling is collected every other Thursday.  You can sign up for text reminders for recycling collection by texting your address to 313-800-7905. You can also learn more about our trash, recycling, and bulk pickup here.

During what months is yard waste collected?

Yard waste and green waste is collected every other Thursday (subject to holiday schedules) from April through December. As with all waste collection, please refrain from placing your yard waste at the curb more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled pickup. 

You can learn more about our trash, recycling, and bulk pickup here.

Property Taxes:

Where can I find information about property taxes?

You can visit the website for the City Assessor for property tax information or call the office at (313) 224-3052.




Are property taxes high in Detroit?

Residential properties in Detroit are on average taxed at 68 mills, and you are taxed at the State Equalized Value (SEV) which is about half of the home’s value. However, Palmer Woods has been designated as a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone (NEZ).  Residents who moved into Palmer Woods after December 31, 1997 may be eligible for a Homestead Exception which could reduce your property taxes.  On average, many residents have seen their property taxes reduced by 20 percent.  Click here for additional information on the NEZ program and learn how to apply. 




Are residential properties in Detroit over assessed?

The City of Detroit conducted a reappraisal of all properties in 2017.  The reappraisal resulted in new and often lower assessment values for most properties in the city starting in the summer 2017 tax cycle.  The City Assessor’s Office regularly monitors property sales to ensure properties are assessed to reflect any changes in the market.




What option do I have if I don’t agree with the assessment of my home?

You can appeal your assessment to the Board of Review.  Additional information on that process can be found here.





Is there a lot of crime in Palmer Woods?

Palmer Woods contracts with a private security firm as an additional layer of protection to enhance the services provided to us by the Detroit Police Department (DPD).  The Palmer Woods Association Security Committee works with the third party security firm and DPD to ensure crime rates remain low in the neighborhood.  Palmer Woods residents are able to contact the security firm at any time if there is an incident.  If you are new to Palmer Woods and need the contact information for the security firm, please email, or learn more about Palmer Woods Security here