Palmer Woods Association Committees

The Palmer Woods Association is comprised of the Board of Directors and its associated Committees, which together work to create safe, vibrant neighborhood that preserves the history and integrity of Palmer Woods. Much of the work is accomplished in the various Committees, led by residents who want to help make a difference in the neighborhood and the community at large. 

Committee membership is open to all residents of Palmer Woods. Volunteers are needed on all Committees, so please consider joining today!

Children and Families Committee

Plans and coordinates various family and children’s events throughout the neighborhood, working with a small committee of parents in the neighborhood.

Chair: Nicholas Brown

Events Committee

Oversees all public-facing neighborhood events, including Music In Homes, the Biennial Home and Garden Tour, and other social happenings in Palmer Woods.

Chairs: Craig Vanderburg

Home and Garden Tour Committee

Organizes and conducts all aspects of the Biennial Home and Garden Tour, Palmer Woods’ premier summer event, which draws in more than 1000 guests over a single weekend in summer.

Chairs: Joshua Ronnebaum and Craig Vanderburg

Landscape Committee

Oversees all aspect of landscaping and maintaining the publicly-owned islands across the neighborhood, coordinating with local landscapers and maintenance crews.

Chair: Karoy Brooks and Lynne Carter-Keith

Palmer Woods Post Committee

Manages the editing and publication of the Palmer Woods Post, Palmer Woods’ long-running quarterly newsletter that is distributed free-of-charge to all Palmer Woods residents.

Chairs: Mimi Helveston and Linda Johnson

Security Committee

Coordinates with Palmer Woods residents, our private security detail, and local law enforcement to maintain a safe and responsive security atmosphere across the neighborhood.

Chairs: Charles Dickerson III and Eva Dewaelsche

Communications Committee

Oversees internal and external communications across all Palmer Woods platforms, including the PW Post, eNews, website, branding, and social media.

Chairs: Joshua Ronnebaum and Mike Sullivan

General Services Committee

Oversees general aesthetic and functional matters, including city services, lighting, snow removal and other general projects throughout the neighborhood. 

Chairs: Lynne Carter-Keith and Joyce Giles

Holiday Home Tour Committee

Manages all aspects of the Holiday Home Tour, Palmer Woods’ much-anticipated winter event, which showcases our stunning homes all decked out in holiday style.

Chairs: Michelle Story-Stewart and Michael Sullivan

Music In Homes Committee

Oversees the annual Music In Homes Concert Series, which hosts award-winning and nationally-known musical artists to perform in some of the most stunning homes across the neighborhood.

Chair: Barbara Barefield

Preservation Committee

Works with Palmer Woods residents to preserve the natural beauty and to maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance of our historic neighborhood and its stunning homes.

Chairs: Jim Lewandowski and Joshua Ronnebaum

Welcoming Committee

Works to create a warm and welcoming environment for new residents across Palmer Woods, often the first point of contact for those who have newly moved to the neighborhood.

Chairs: Doug Sparks-Horn and Ruth Stallworth