About the Palmer Woods Association

The Palmer Woods Association is an association of the residents of the Palmer Woods Neighborhood. Through the Association, we work together as a community to safeguard the value, character, and appearance of our homes and our neighborhood.

Board of Directors

The Palmer Woods Association Board of Directors is comprised of fifteen Members, elected in at-large elections at the Annual Meetings.  Learn more about who represents you with our List of Current Board of Directors. Or, if you, as a Member of the Association, are interested in running for the Board of Directors, there is opportunity to do so at the Annual Meeting every spring.

PWA Mission Statement and By-Laws

The Mission Statement of the Palmer Woods Association is: to initiate, sustain and advance a safe, vibrant neighborhood that engages its residents to preserve and enhance the social, economic and historic integrity of Palmer Woods. Read more about our Mission Statement, Scope and Priorities here.

Our By-Laws are our governing document, setting forth the structure and purpose of our Association. The current By-Laws were adopted as revised by the Board of Directors in December 2019.

List of Committees

In addition to the Board of Directors, the Palmer Woods Association is comprised of over a dozen Committees, each with its own membership and purview. Committee membership is open to all residents of Palmer Woods. Check out the list of Committees and volunteer your time today!

Contact Us

Have questions about the Palmer Woods Association or the neighborhood? Contact us here!