Security in Palmer Woods

The Palmer Woods Security Committee works in tandem with the Detroit Police Department (DPD) and our private security firm, Century Security-Deca Program (CSDP), to enhance neighborhood security in Palmer Woods. Read below to learn about some things you can do to be safer and to protect your property.

Join the Security Committee

Interested in learning more about security in our neighborhood and ways that you can help? Consider joining our Security Committee, which works to enhance neighborhood safety and security through coordination with DPD and CSDP.  Email for more information!

Join NextDoor

Consider joining NextDoor, the neighborhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services. Frequently posted on NextDoor are notifications on security threats, lost pets, and other essential information.

Threat Management Guide

For all suspected crimes, call 911 first, then call CSDP Security at (877) 495-5874.

Download this guide with CSDP Recommendations on how to protect your home from potential threats and how to contact them in case of a suspected crime.

Additionally, find information here to join the Threat Management Protectorate Network, which will send you notifications of threats in our area.