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Carl B. Tuttle

Carl B. Tuttle was born in Corunna, Michigan in 1882. He joined the S.S. Kresge company, founded by Sebastian Kresge, in 1899, working at its very first store as a maintenance man. He rose through the ranks, and by the 1910s was the secretary and treasurer of the firm, and was elected to its board of directors. Tuttle stayed with Kresge until his retirement. He died in 1970.

Carl B. Tuttle lived at 1411 Strathcona Drive beginning in 1923.

Palmer Woods Residence

1411 Strathcona Drive

Sitting impressively on the corner of Strathcona and Cumberland, this 6,000 plus square foot English Tudor Revival was designed by Alvin E. Harley and completed in 1923.
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