Sunflowers on Woodward

Norm Silk, Palmer Woods resident and Woodward Avenue Action Association (WA3) Board Member, and his partner, Dale Morgan, once again spearheaded the planting of hundreds of sunflowers on Woodward. On a sunny Sunday, May 24, 2015, a small group of volunteers helped prep the beds and plant the sunflower seeds at the corners of 8 Mile, 7 Mile and Merrill Plaisance (Norm had planted 6 Mile the day before).

This year, Detroit’s First Lady, Lori Maher, helped support the efforts to bring happy sunflowers to Woodward Avenue’s Park District.

In addition to annual sunflowers, WA3’s beautification efforts have expanded to include TREES! 14 Princeton Elms were planted on Woodward Avenue, south of 7 Mile Road last year. Later this Spring they will plant nearly 30 more!

sunflowers 2 sunflowers 3 Sunflowers flyer 1up 2015 sunflowers