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Read interesting articles about about Palmer Woods, and a series of columns by neighbor Desiree Cooper.

Misc. articles about Palmer Woods

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TIME magazine Blog
Wright's Treasure, or Preserving the City
Posted by Karen Dybis Monday, March 15, 2010

"You've probably heard about Detroit's $100 houses, the burned-out buildings and the empty shells deteriorating block after block.

But have you heard about the million-dollar plus renovation happening to this little place on Seven Mile?" … read more:

And the Night Shall be Filled with Music

By Karen Dybis Thursday, January 14, 2010

Picture this: Motor City Blues Queen Thornetta Davis singing to an intimate group inside one of Detroit's most regal homes.

She sways to the beat, her energy growing with the audience's obvious enjoyment. The crowd, all of about 130 people, is quiet, respectful, adoring. Blues in an Old English Castle off of Woodward Avenue? It never sounded better.

This night came together in an unlikely yet ideal setting. Davis was the opening act in a series of nine concerts that are part of the Palmer Woods Music in Homes program. Not only are these concerts entertaining, they are enriching one of Detroit's oldest and most prestigious neighborhoods.
Read more:

Motor City Cribs
Putting Detroit's musical wealth in elegant Palmer Woods settings
by Doug Coombe

"Architecturally speaking, Palmer Woods might be Detroit's greatest neighborhood."

read more: www.metrotimes.com/culture/story.asp?id=14828

DetroitMakeItHere.com (Crain)
Music in the Mansions
Concert Series Showcases Life in Palmer Wood
By Maureen McDonald | January 5, 2010

On Jan. 30, the Dwight Adams Ensemble will perform at one of the largest homes in Palmer Woods. The concert is part of the Music in the Homes concert series, a way to subsidize maintenance and security in this historic neighborhood. View larger photo

The clear sound of trumpeter Dwight Adams will fill an old mansion in Detroit's Palmer Woods neighborhood with the sound of New Orleans, the rhythm of the saints.

The Mardi Gras Celebration concert is slated for 8 p.m. Jan. 30 in one of the largest homes in Palmer Woods. It's part of the Music in the Homes concert series, a novel way to subsidize maintenance and security in this historic neighborhood ….
Read more: http://www.detroitmakeithere.com/article/20100105/DM01/100109970/0

Barbara and A. Spencer Barefield use music and architecture to highlight Detroit's best
December 24, 2009, Detroit Cultural Events Examiner
By Rhonda Welsh, Examiner.com

Chances are you have heard about Palmer Woods if you are a native Detroiter. But you probably didn’t find out about it in the media because this enclave nestled west of Woodward Avenue and north of Seven Mile Road rarely makes it into news reports. Beautiful homes and great architecture just aren’t sexy enough.

National and local media alike prefer to report stories about high drop out rates, failing schools and rampant unemployment. Consequently, people spend a lot of time talking about what’s bad about Detroit.

But, cultural advocates Barbara and A.Spencer Barefield are on a quest to change this dynamic. She is a visual artist and he is an internationally-renowned guitarist. Together, they have formed the Creative Arts Collective (CAC). Barbara Barefield recently sat down for a virtual chat with the Examiner.com to talk about the CAC and their Palmer Woods Music in Homes Concert Series.
Read more: http://www.examiner.com/x-17106-Detroit-Cultural-Events-Examiner~y2009m12d24-Barbara-and-A-Spencer-Barefield-use-music-and-architecture-to-highlight-Detroits-best

Mansions, Castles, Cool Homes Great Music

Detroit’s historic neighborhood Palmer Woods toots its horn, strums its strings, and draws sellout crowds to its jazz, classical and world music concerts held in its historic homes. The first concert of the Palmer Woods Music in Homes featuring Blues queen Thornetta Davis on Saturday, December 26 (day after Christmas), is almost sold out, and the sales are lively for the eight additional concerts in the series. Concert tickets, $35 each, are available at www.palmerwoods.org or by calling 313-891-2514 for information. Discounts for groups and series tickets are available.
Read more: http://www.thedetroiter.com/v3/2009/12/palmer-woods-music-in-homes-series/

METRO TIMES 2009 Best of the Year Editors' Pick
PALMER WOODS HOME TOUR Best Way to Get Inside Old Detroit Buildings Without Trespassing

Yes, Detroit is famous as the place where modern day explorers spelunk their way through cavernous ruins, even in one infamous incident playing hockey and stumbling upon the odd dead body. But you can also get inside great old houses that are still the epitome of style and sumptuousness in the various home tours offered. The most elaborate and unique is the Palmer Woods Music in Homes series, now in its second year of presenting classy sounds (from jazz to world music) in the abodes of what was once referred to as Detroit's Gold Coast.

Read more: http://www.metrotimes.com/news/story.asp?id=13898

Palmer Woods Music in Homes, Palmer Woods Goes Bebop by Maureen McDonald:

2007-2008 Palmer Woods Music in Homes

“If you wish to live in a classically elegant home in a quiet, prestigious area of Detroit, this is a neighborhood to consider. It is also a marvelous example of urban planning.”

Making it Wright

New Life for Detroit's Only Frank Lloyd Wright House

The Dorothy Tunkel House
Credit: Preservation Wayne

Restoring a tarnished architectural gem takes guts, patience, and nerves of steel—especially when the project is your future home. On Detroit's west side, two visionary homeowners have taken on this challenge.
Read more: http://www.preservationnation.org/magazine/story-of-the-week/2009/make-it-wright-turkel-detroit.html 

Historic Palmer Woods Holiday Home Tour

11/27/2008 7:46 pm

(WXYZ) - One of Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural gems can be found in Detroit's Palmer Woods neighborhood.

Read more and see a video: http://www.wxyz.com/news/local/story/Historic-Palmer-Woods-Holiday-Home-Tour/DB8xpupX9EGpbcPZWYUAzg.cspx


Detroit's Palmer Park area is a stately neighborhood of architectural showoffs. The area is the pride of the city's leading citizens, with English and colonial revival residences and bright green carpets of manicured lawn that command attention. But those who drive slowly down West Seven Mile Road, easing to a crawl on the busy thoroughfare, are treated to one of Detroit's architectural curiosities. Up a narrow driveway, screened off by foliage, is the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Dorothy Turkel house. Where Palmer Woods' homes stand drawn up in all their finery …

Read more: http://www.metrotimes.com/editorial/story.asp?id=9372


Palmer Woods journalist Desiree Cooper

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Writer Desiree Cooper can occasionally be seen jogging in Palmer Woods during the morning hours. The former Detroit Free Press columnist and former anchor on American Public Media’s "Weekend America" continues to cover Detroit and Michigan in various venues as a freelance journalist, author and blogger. 

Cooper's poignant stories about the lives of ordinary Detroiters have made her a readers' favorite and garnered her two Pulitzer nominations. Below are a number of her columns about Detroit’s Palmer Woods.


Celebrate Singing in the Home

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Detroit Free Press,
Nov. 28, 2006

Holiday music is infectious. These days, I'm humming while driving, shopping and cooking. Old- fashioned carolers have gone by the wayside, but between holiday pageants and office parties, this is still the season to sing along.

According to neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, singing shouldn't be a seasonal inclination. We're hot-wired for music, according to his book, "This Is Your Brain on Music."


Queen of the Castle: Living Large in Detroit

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Detroit Free Press, Nov. 28, 2006

For years, the Jackson family gathered nearly every Sunday at Big Mama's house. Actually, it's not the mama who's big, it's her house that's big. Really big.

Corinne Bozeman, great-grandmother of 13, is the mistress of the largest house in the city of Detroit: the so-called Bishop's Mansion in Palmer Woods. Sitting on 4 acres, the home is more than 35,000 square feet. By comparison, the White House is 55,000 square feet, and the Whitney, the historic mansion-restaurant on Woodward in Detroit's Cultural Center, is 21,000.


Detroit Home Houses a Special Reunion: Palmer Woods Home Tour

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Detroit Free Press, Nov. 29, 2001

When George and Matilda Fisher married in 1919, they wanted to build a special home where they could raise a family. They picked a lot in what was then a new Detroit neighborhood — Palmer Woods, at 7 Mile and Woodward.

The 5,000-square-foot house at 19535 Cumberland Way was finished in 1924: a Tudor-influenced, brick manor home built on a gentle rise. As a buyer for the flourishing S.S. Kresge Company, George had traveled to his native Germany on business and had come back with artifacts for his new home. One was a hand-carved, 10-foot walnut relief to frame the limestone fireplace.


Kids, cars get overdue gift: Smooth roads

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Detroit Free Press, Dec. 3, 2002 

We love Palmer Woods, our haven of historic homes from the turn of the 20th Century in northwest Detroit. Many of my neighbors have lived in Palmer Woods most of their lives, watching history come and go.


History of a Detroit home

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National Public Radio (NPR), All Things Considered
History of a Detroit home
Friday, July 12, 2002 

The patterns of urban growth and decay can be seen in many cities, but Detroit is held out as an extreme example. Commentator Desiree Cooper lives in Detroit. She has this story of one house in a neighborhood that has gone from fashionable white enclave to victim of white flight to integrated professional community.

DESIREE COOPER: The lumber barons and auto executives of the early 1900s built Palmer Woods. It was a stunning enclave of estate homes, one next to the other, built under a canopy of Dutch elms. When George and Matilda Fisher married in 1919, they built their new 5,000-square-foot house in Palmer Woods on Cumberland Way. He was an executive for the Kresge Company. He journeyed to his native Germany and filled his home with marble and wood carvings from the Black Forest.


Its History Deepens Love for Old Home

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Detroit Free Press, Jan. 31, 2008

When Mark and Carolyn Carter bought their Detroit house eight years ago, they knew they were getting a good deal. But they had no idea what else they were getting.

"Right after we bought it, our attorney said, 'Do you know who used to live there?' " Carolyn Carter said of her home in the Boston-Edison Historic District. "That's when we found out it used to be Walter Reuther's."

As in the visionary labor leader and former UAW president.



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